When Life Seems Like So Much More Than You Signed Up For….

Ever felt like this life is becoming so much more than you signed up for and you wonder how to make it through?

Want help seeking how to navigate these crazy twists and turns and still be able to even consider your own goals and dreams?

Even if you aren’t battling Alzheimer’s, Dementia or some other memory challenging setback, you most likely have something that is causing you to question how do I make it through this life?

If you are a family member or caregiver to someone that is in the fight with those diseases – know that I can relate, and I am doing this especially for you.

This blog developed to share about my mom and her Alzheimer’s Adventure and how we learned (and continue to learn) to keep going. How I am chasing my dreams while still being the best daughter to her that I can be. How limiting my life wasn’t helping hers.

Maybe you are seeking assistance on how to find a dream, set a goal, create your legacy even while you are in the midst of extreme life changes? Are you asking yourself is it even fair that I still chase my dreams while my loved one lives this nightmare? Or perhaps you are already on track, and just need little stories and words of positive to encourage you and affirm that you are worth so much more?

Perhaps you have thought of it, but immediately shut it down because you thought it isn’t right for you to seek happiness while another suffers. This blog will hit upon that as well.

Top leaders in our culture say that investing in yourself is essential to your success. I don’t disagree. But I believe there is so much more at stake than just success. Or maybe than just the common American mindset of success, anyway.

I say not only do you deserve to have your goals and dreams, but that investing in yourself and your goals and dreams is one of the best things you can do for others as well.

The average person wouldn’t have even read this far. You show me that you are above average, so why would you not learn how to help the world benefit from that? What’s in you that is just waiting to be released?

I am here to help you learn to make it through those tough days and moments, to get more out of your life, to stay accountable to yourself even in the hard times, to feel more confident, appreciated and all around gain more success in every area of your life. I am also here to tell you that it is ok to cry. It is ok to not be ok. It is ok to seek help.

This blog is here to guide whoever has the ambition and desire to take a shot at their future.

(On a side note) I also do individual coaching personalized to fit your specific situation, contact me for a free consultation and to discuss a plan that meets your needs and budget. Note: my disclaimer will be included in the introductory email which is all a part of the first free session. Email me today at YourPersonalCoachAmy@gmail.com

Here’s to your future! Cheers, Amy