About Amy

A photo of Amy, she is 54 years old, with shoulder length hair, glasses, a big smile and a comfortable jean shirt over a soft tank top.

Writing this blog as a coach, speaker, and influencer,  Amy’s insight will be an asset as she helps you optimize each moment of your life.

No matter where you are on your own path, obstacles will try to trip you up and she believes what she shares will help you tread a bit easier.

Whether you are living with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or some other form of memory life change, or have someone close that you know that is – this blog may help you find some hope, humor or at least help you know that you are not alone.

Don’t give up living just because your life is changing. Amy believes life is worth living and it’s worth living well!

With a voracious appetite for knowledge, Amy has devoured an average of a book a month over the last six years, in personal, financial and leadership development. Her God-given purpose is to encourage and uplift and to show others that they were meant for so much more, and to help them focus in on discovering their purpose. Due to the intense personal development journey that she has been on, she feels she has more of the equipment she needs to navigate this adventure.

Amy’s non-traditional approach to learning goes beyond the conveyor belt system in that she strives to continue her personal growth daily. She associates with people of the same and higher caliber of self-driven education. The digital age has opened a flow of positive audios that she enjoys. She regularly and intentionally reads and implements what she reads in her own life. The negative mindset that tries to overpower her takes a multitude of tools to make it through, immersing in to positive input to wash it away is imperative.

Amy applauds those that have sacrificed and obtained a degree, her journey just took a different path. Then in her 50’s she added attending college online as a tool in her life box to help have a scoreboard and a deadline. (Amy is not advising anyone to go to college nor is she advising against it – she is just sharing what she chose to do and will explain later in a blog why she did.) Then, with one of those inspired moments, she clicked on an ad that changed everything, and she will share that in a blog as well. 

The derailment that came with the onset of Alzheimer’s in her mother, created a space that Amy never expected to be in. She became a life coach for her mom; she began guiding, loving, and living this adventure with her daily. Doors that seemed to close because of the disease then changed to windows in which to view life differently. Experiencing this first-hand, made Amy realize how scary this walk is, and how little she knew, and how alone she felt and that perhaps she could reach out a friendly hand to others so they knew they weren’t alone. Maybe some of the stories of the life she and her mom lived could help others and just maybe they could find some windows and view life differently too.

Amy’s intention is to teach that we need to conquer complacency, dissatisfaction and fear with hope, purpose, and passion. Amy’s mission in life is to leave a positive imprint on as many hearts as possible. By helping others pursue excellence, and know that they are not alone, her legacy will live on. Her desire to encourage others to change and improve themselves is part of what leads her to write and share her own personal journey.

“This life matters and we each get one life and one life only to make a mark in history.” – Erwin McManus

Thank you for being here. 

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