A Thanksgiving Day Update

Life with mom has evolved to a point of weekly visits to her locked and secure memory care facility. Most visits she recognizes me, or at least that I am someone important to her. Occasionally, there are moments of complete unawareness, but thankfully that isn’t too often.

Mom is in a wheelchair now mostly – I will work on dropping some blogs sharing how all this has come about, but for today – Thanksgiving Day, I want to just focus on the positives.

Remember that I mentioned how important it is to take care of yourself, and do things for yourself? I also said that I would share about an advertisement that I clicked on. Well, this post is going to cover both of those things, and a few others as well. So, grab your cup of tea, your glass of water or beverage of choice, sit back and let me fill you in on how I am doing these days.

A year and a half ago, I had dropped out of online college (mind you I was an A – B student); and had been driving Uber & Lyft. Mom was living in her first assisted living, and Michael had been living on his own for a while. Ken was working full time at Disney, and I was really wanting to learn how to monetize my blogs and my YouTube channel. I had done college for a while, to learn about Affiliate Marketing – but being traditional college – I had to do all the other classes as well, and it was just kind of dragging along. I had racked up some college debt, and decided perhaps just doing the driving gigs was enough for now.

Then, as I was scrolling along in either Instagram or Facebook – I came across a little ad for a book that claimed to have the answers I was looking for to be able to make money at home on my computer. Now, we all know about scams, and that those little ads are seldom full of the actual answers we want – but there was just something about it that spoke to me. So.. I clicked it.

I justified to myself that even if I only got a few answers, it was less than $40.00 and I had certainly spent more than that on college. Plus, come on – we all know that I am a personal development junkie and I love to read – so.. what could it hurt?

I had no idea the impact that little e-book would have on my life. Now, I can look back and think ‘wow – God / the Universe / Source’ (insert your word of choice – personally it’s God for me) totally knew what He was doing! It began pretty simply, with a book that explained more than I had learned in months of college about working online and affiliate marketing – but that was just the beginning!

Suddenly I was in a Facebook group with people that were checking on me. People that celebrated me being in the group. At first, I was leery of these ‘online friends’ (I mean, c’mon – we know how those things go!) Yet, they continued to communicate with me.

Then, I was given some free online access to a little course that just made my personal development junkie blood tingle! Things that were familiar, and things that were brand new; I felt like I had gone home and the homemade hot cocoa was all set and the fire was blazing and the comfy chair was ready! I couldn’t believe how much better I was feeling. All I was doing was following along in a course that gently guided me to inspect where I was and where I wanted to be. It had been so long since I had climbed into that space. It wasn’t a space of ‘what can I make work’ it was ‘if I had options, what would they be’?

Suddenly, I began to dream again. They offered me the chance to purchase some other courses, and to get more involved. It was an obvious yes by this point, I was totally hooked. So, I began modules learning about affiliate marketing. I was starting to understand using some of my social media in ways that I hadn’t before. It was starting to get fun.

Then. Mom fell and broke her hip. It was one of those crazy it just happens falls. I spent 21 days with her. I mean really spent them. It started at the hospital, and then they were supposed to be able to care for her at the rehabilitation place, but because of her Alzheimer’s Adventure – it wasn’t possible. So, this meant that I moved in to care for her. Yup. I lived in a rehab and helped care for her. I lived for showers while they had her in physical therapy, and for phone calls and walks outside.

Mom sitting in her wheelchair between our beds in the rehabilitation room, she is not wearing shoes, holding a blanket, and looking over where I am sitting trying to work.

While this was going on, I brought my old laptop into the small room that she and I shared, and I thought I will be able to work while she rests. (that was funny – she didn’t remember that her hip was broken – so she had to be watched like a hawk.) So, I thought, well, I can work while she sleeps – but between nurses checking on her, and my laptop not wanting to work with the internet there, and so many other things… I couldn’t work much and I fell behind in my modules.

I was so discouraged by the time that we were released, and of course I hadn’t worked at all during that time, so financially I was feeling like I was drowning. My joy and excitement about this program had lost most of the spark and I just was doing the work to home thing day after day.

Behind the scenes though, stuff was still happening. An email would catch my eye, a post would pop up, little things to nudge me into getting back in the game. No matter how hard I tried to give up on myself, a little flame still managed to flicker.

I was invited to an online meeting, and in that meeting – they offered a special group to help get me back on track. I knew of course that I was going to need to get out my credit card for that one, and I will be honest, I was wavering, so I asked, “how much”? They asked, “How much what?” I asked, “How much for the access to that group?”

“No, there isn’t a charge for it.” they said. I was so surprised and impressed. I decided at that point that not only would I get back in the saddle and complete my course – but I also would be a loyal promoter of the program.

From that time, I have continued to work through the courses, attend the free FaceBook groups, and even go to live events. The feeling of meeting someone in person that you have gotten to know over time online is kind of surreal. You’ve generated a history with them, shared struggles and victories, and yet never actually been in the same physical location at the same time. It’s kind of like seeing a long lost friend, yet you may have just seen them online the day before. It is so hard to explain – but so worth going to a live event!

Through out this time, my outlook on life has improved, my zest for life has increased as well. I am laughing more and even mom has commented over time how happy I seem. My relationships are improving and growing. All from a little ad for a book on building an income online.

Of course as time has progressed, so has mom’s Adventure. I look back at where she was a year ago, and the difference is startling. I am so grateful for the time I have had with her, and I am thankful that I have been taking care of myself during this time as well. Perhaps that sounds a bit selfish, but I can tell you that it isn’t. Because I have been taking care of myself and growing, I can be more patient with her, I can be more focused and attentive on enjoying our time versus being just sad and depressed about the journey, and I can ask for support from others now that I have learned more about what I need.

I’ve moved from the driving gigs to working online, doing some affiliate marketing, blogging, coaching, and even speaking at our own live event. I don’t miss the crazy traffic or long hours of driving.

I am proud of myself and all that I have learned and overcome this past year as well. I am super excited about my future, and also the futures of all those that I will be impacting because of my mission.

My Mission statement and logo as well as a photo of me with my arm on the balcony rail of a hotel. Wearing that soft jean shirt and smiling.

I will share more stories of what all mom and I have been through during this Adventure, stories of how and why I have made some of the choices that I have, and stories of how we have found smiles, laughter and joy even amongst the tears. Those stories will be sprinkled throughout some blogs. I will also share stories of being the daughter of an incredible human on an Alzheimer’s Adventure, and how I am still doing what I can to make my mama happy and proud.

In the meantime, I will include the link for anyone interested in the book from the ad I spoke of, it is now a free e-book. Yes, I am an affiliate, and yes, I will benefit if you buy the courses. There isn’t a difference in price for you – it just helps me. So, if you do – then thank you. Since the book is free, consider reading it and seeing if it speaks to you like it did me.


I also want to thank you for reading, liking, commenting and sharing. I hope as I am transparent with you about our journey, that it comforts you along yours.

Happy Thanksgiving, Amy

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